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Mythos Scissor



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Glamorous, beautiful and versatile scissors with built-in autocleaner

The Tondeo Mythos is such a beautiful object, you could easily imagine it on display in a design museum. And you can trust that being a top-of-the-range scissor from one of the world's leading brands, it's a tool that will give you enduring performance to match its fabulous look.

This scissor features ultra-slice blade edges, which have an extremely flat cutting angle for razor-sharp cutting and slicing. It's made from superb-quality, ball bearing steel for great durability and the turn-stop screw system prevents the tension setting from working loose.

The offset handle is design to ensure you work in a comfortable position, and your comfort is enhanced by soft finger ring inserts and a removable finger rest. The Mythos also features the Star Autocleaner—a self cleaning device in the bottom part of the scissors which rids the scissor of dirt and hair debris and keeps the action silky smooth.

A gorgeous gleaming polished finish and gold highlights on the screw and finger rest complete the look of this irresistible scissor.

Available in 5.0 and 5.5 inches.



Size: 5.0"


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